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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Directorate of Archaeology

Our Aims and Objectives

    • Protection and preservation of ancient archaeological sites, monuments, remains of historical and archaeological importance, which are not less than one hundred years old and developing these into centers of tourists attraction in Assam.
    • Archaeological exploration of hitherto unknown sites, remains and their preliminary survey.
    • Archaeological excavation of the explored sites.
    • Documentation of Antiquities found at Archaeological sites as well as at excavated archaeological sites in Assam.
    • Conservation and restoration of protected Archaeological sites and monuments in the State.
    • Publication of archaeological reports of exploration, excavation, conservation of archaeological sites. Publication of annual reports, journals, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, on archaeology and antiquities.
    • Involvement of student community in maintenance, upkeep and beautification of     archaeological sites and monuments as per the scheme  “Students participation in    preservation of cultural properties in Assam”.
    • Registration of Antique objects as per “The Implementation of Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972.”
    • Protection, preservation and development of various Sattras of Assam.