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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Directorate of Archaeology

Folders of the Directorate of Archaeology

Sl. No.Name of the FoldersPublished byYear of Publication
1Ambari Archaeological SiteDirector, Directorate of Archaeology, Assam.2007
2Rajmohan Nath Archaeological Park-do-2007
3Nazirakhat Archaeological Site-do-2007
4Dubarani Archaeological Site-do-2007
5Charaideo Archaeological Site-do-2008
6Madan Kamdev Archaeological Site-do-2008
7Deoparvat Archaeological Site-do-2008
8Napukhuri Archaeological Site-do-2007
9Student participations in preservation of cultural properties (English).-do--
10Student participations in preservation of cultural properties (Assamese).-do--
11Puratatwik Kala Sampad Samuhar Pangikaran O Sangrakshan.-do--
12Puratatwik Kala Sampad Samuhar Pangikaran Aru eiar Prayojaniyata.-do--
13Leaflet on Activities of Directorate of Archaeology, Assam.-do--
14Archaeological Map of Assam (English/Assamese)-do--
15World Heritage Week 2011-do-2011