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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Directorate of Archaeology

Newly Discovered Archaeological Sites 2015/2016

1Megaliths at Nonjirong I, HamrenKarbi Anglong
2Megaliths at Nonjirong II, HamrenKarbi Anglong
3Megaliths at Nonjirong III, HamrenKarbi Anglong
4Huge Dolmen at Nonjirong, HamrenKarbi Anglong
5Megalithic site at TapatKarbi Anglong
6Megalithic site at Rongali, TikaKarbi Anglong
7Bichikri Tank at BichikriKarbi Anglong
7Raja PukhuriGolaghat
8Rani PukhuriGolaghat
9Raja Pukhuri NaojanGolaghat
10Kalioni Banglung StupaGolaghat
11Cheringia MaidamGolaghat
12Pratima Garh, Chapakhuwa, SadiyaTinsukia
13Juriya Maidam, Chapakhuwa, SadiyaTinsukia
14Borpukhuri, Chapakhuwa, SadiyaTinsukia
15Tinkunia PukhuriTinsukia
16Bengmara PukhuriTinsukia
17Godha Barua GarhTinsukia
18Selukia PukhuriTinsukia
19Lemtem PukhuriTinsukia
20Bator PukhuriTinsukia
22Rupohi PukhuriTinsukia
23Doloi Sonari TankSivasagar
24Ligiri PukhuriSivasagar
25Pehi PukhuriSivasagar
26Gajpuri PukhuriSivasagar
27Netai PukhuriSivasagar
28Lungmailai Stone Jar SiteDima Hasao
29Kobak Megalithic siteDima Hasao
30Stone Jars at Bolasan ( Nchubunglu)Dima Hasao
31Stone Jars at Dubungling( Derebore)Dima Hasao